your right vibrator

So, you’re looking to buy a new vibrator and so far, you’ve decided you’d like a Swan. It might have been the virtually seamless silicone finish that’s offered on most Swans, maybe it was the deep and powerful vibrations from PowerBullet, or maybe it was because you’re looking for something that you can use wherever you’d like, including the bath or shower. Whatever the reason, you’ve made the right choice. Now, with so many options, you may be wondering which Swan is the right one for you or the person you’re buying for.

It’s important to remember that each woman is unique and enjoys being pleased in different ways. With over 20 styles to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect Swan by using the guide below.


(Vibration at Each Tip)

These are perfect for women who love to focus their pleasure on one area at a time. While you can use them in whichever way you please, these Swans are mainly designed to be used for targeted clitoral or internal pleasure.

Each one offers a different type of vibration. The smaller tip contains a powerful vibration, while the larger tip a deeper one.

the trumpeter swan the mute swan the tundra swan

Dual Stimulation

(Clitoral Vibration/Internal Stimulation)

Are you looking for a Swan which offers the possibility of dual stimulation? Maybe you enjoy only having the clitoral vibration on at the beginning, or activating the internal stimulator near the end, or turning on both sensations at once to take you to the finish line! Using any one of the Swans below allows you to customize your experience to your liking making it totally your choice and in your hands.

the royal swan the kissing swan the blossom swan
the love swan the whooper swan the swan princess
the silver swan the mute swan the swan cygnet
the swan silhouette the swan feather adore petite beauty
adore petite elegance

Triple Stimulation

(Clitoral Vibration/Internal Vibration/Internal Rotation)

You deserve to indulge in your every desire. Adore by Swan creates a multi-faceted pleasure experience with a clitoral vibrator paired with a vibrating shaft that also rotates. For added ease of use, the vibrators in the Adore series are conveniently and wirelessly charged using an included charging base. Never worry about fumbling with a plug again.

adore beauty adore power adore luxury

Special Purpose

These Swans feature many of the same features as the rest of the collection, but have something unique which really separates each one from the rest.

the swan wand

The Swan Wand is easily the most powerful Swan in the entire collection. Great for personal pleasure, excellent for massage, the Swan Wand features 2 vibrations – one on each end – and 7 vibration functions for endless pleasure.

the eternal swan

Designed to enhance a couple’s intimacy, the Eternal Swan is designed to be used without a harness. An egg shape on one end allows her to grip firmly while the smooth slender tip on the other end is meant for her partner.

the swan clutch

Embracing “Squeeze-Me” technology which is unique to this design, the Swan Clutch is an amazing vibrator which responds to the movement of your body. The more you squeeze, the more it vibrates. Sometimes, though, you may just want a steady internal sensation. Activate the vibration lock, sit back, and enjoy.

If you still have any further questions about any of these Swan products, click the “Ask a Question” button on any of the Swan product pages and someone will answer you as quickly as possible.