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Swan – Pursue Your Pleasure

Swan is the latest collection by Stephen Bannister and BMS Factory featuring the highest quality silicone toys available. These new designs result in producing nearly 100% more play area, allowing you to enjoy Swan in its entirety.

The collection is technologically enhanced to reach new levels of efficiency with fully rechargeable operations and waterproof-ability. Moreover, seams on standard products are difficult to clean and could trap bacteria. Swan’s virtually seamless and 100% silicone body allows you to use any part of the product safely and allows for easy cleaning.

The major focus in the production of Swan is the desire for a flexible, limitless device that is effective and easy to use. After two years of rigorous development, Swan is born with the most advanced sophistication available with independently controlled motors that provide you with the freedom to direct your vibes.

Each Swan is handcrafted in compact designs that are perfectly sized for everyone. Designed for pleasure seekers, this specialty vibrator is made to engage the body and soul. The vivacious curves will provide extensive elasticity and the dynamic power will energize your body. Swan is powered with customized PowerBullet® motors that use lithium ion batteries of the highest caliber to promise an enduring and passionate adventure.

Dive into a luxurious escape with Swan, where pleasure is limitless and power is phenomenal.