PowerBullet® is famous for its magnificent power. It focuses on providing the fiercest energy and is becoming the major source of motor technology for all vibrating products.

Any product with the " Powered by PowerBullet® " logo on the packaging shows that it incorporates PowerBullet® technology. This means that these products have been expertly engineered to produce the most vivacious vibrations and be the best functioning products available.

The exhilarating power of PowerBullet® is infused within all Swan products to provide you with high quality vibrations that will last for hours. Exclusively engineered by BMS Factory, PowerBullet® makes Swan an impeccable product with the latest motor technology and the safest materials in the world.

Swan is proud to represent the "Powered by PowerBullet® " brand that is globally recognized for its amazing power. PowerBullet® is a trademark of BMS Factory and is registered globally.