How long will it take for my product to arrive?
Please note: In case of ‘International Small Packets Air’ delivery method is provided, unfortunately, there is no tracking number available.
General International shipping time is approximately 6-8 weeks. Although rare, this time may vary based on circumstances beyond our control at the border.
I just bought a new Swan product and it comes with a USB charger. Will this work with other Swan vibrators as well?
The short answer is yes. We recently switched from a bulky wall adapter with many needed international attachments to a more compact and advanced USB cord. USB plugs and adaptors are common household items now, which makes this a very convenient charging method for the user. Best of all, the new USB cords can be used with other Swan vibrators (excluding Adore and Adore Petite), and vice versa.
When I press the button, it does not vibrate.
• Lock feature is activated. Press the two buttons simultaneously and hold for 4 seconds to unlock.
• Unit is not charged, plug in for a minimum of approximately 30 minutes.
When I press and hold the button, it vibrates and then stops when I let go.
Double-pressing the button will cause it to turn on and turn off. Make sure to press and hold the button until it reaches the desired vibration speed and then let go without pressing a second time.
When I press and hold the button, the speed doesn't change.
The product is at its highest speed. When you press and hold the button down, the light should flash. If it does not flash it is at the highest speed and will not go any higher.
I want to gradually increase speed as I go along, but it always stops and then I have to press and hold again for longer each time.
You can increase speed by pressing and holding the button. If you do not press and hold long enough (more than two seconds), the vibrator will turn off.
The vibrator goes on by itself.
Unit feature needs to be locked; otherwise it will go on at the slightest touch at a minimal vibration. To lock the unit press the two buttons simultaneously and hold for 4 seconds.
The light on the button does not go off.
The vibrator is running low on charge or power. Charge it by inserting the adapter into the recharge hole.
I dropped the vibrator, is it broken?
Like all electronic devices, Swan is a delicate product that can obtain internal damages. It is possible that your vibrator could be broken. To test its productivity, lock and unlock the vibrator, plug it in and charge the device and check the frequency of its performance.
Is it safe to boil my Swan product for cleaning?
Any product with electrical components is not safe to boil. Therefore, it is not safe to boil your Swan as part of its cleaning. Swan is virtually seamless which greatly minimizes on the amount of bacteria that is able to accumulate on its surface. Cleaning with your favourite toy cleaner or warm, soapy water is sufficient.
Why is Shipping & Handling $50?
Swan products purchased on this website are shipped from our warehouse located in Toronto, Canada. Based on our overseas shipping cost, this is a fair rate. If you would like to purchase your Swan product from a fine retailer closer to your shipping address, please visit our Where To Buy page. (Note: Some products and promotions offered at may not be offered by other companies).
I’m having a problem with my Swan that isn’t mentioned here. What do I do?
We fully stand behind our products. If you are having an issue with your Swan that you are unable to solve with the list above, please visit our Customer Service page and submit a question. Someone will return your email in a timely manner.