Adore Power [SKU: 95716-EU]
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Adore Power is for those who enjoy intense pleasure in all ways. Similar to the other designs in the Adore Series, Power features a clitoral stimulator with 3 flexible fingers at its tip. When the vibration is on, these fingers interact with each other to create a mind blowing experience of pleasure. The Power’s body is smooth and has a bend at its tip for added internal stimulation. Around the middle of the shaft are 3 raised ridges for added texture pleasure.

About Adore

The Adore Series is in a league of its own. Taking many of Swan’s famous traits, Adore further adds to them with the addition of a larger design and convenient induction charging.

The almost 150mm shaft is smooth and made from 100% silicone. This high-grade of silicone offers a soft, luxurious feeling and is extremely body-safe. Inside the shaft is a strong rotating core for added stimulation. With the perfect bend, it will stimulate and please your internal pleasure points for an unbelievable experience. Adding to the shaft rotation is an intense PowerBullet vibration using “Press & Hold” technology which creates a strong vibration in the shaft and clitoral stimulator. The magic is in its simplicity. Instead of trying to figure out which button to press next, simply press the button and hold on to it until you reach your desired intensity. The vibration button conveniently controls both the shaft and clitoral stimulator simultaneously while the other button gives you a separate control for the rotation.

Charging could not be easier. When finished, wash Adore using a toy cleaner, allow it to completely dry and then place on the induction charging base for wireless, plugless charging. When it’s complete, the lights near the controls will stop cycling and it is ready for use again.

Product Specifications

Details: Water-resistant, Travel-Ready, Phthalate-free
Finish: High-grade Silicone
Run Time: Up to 8.5 Hours
Charge Time: 12 Hours
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Pleasure Technology: 2 Separately Controlled Vibrations & 1 Rotation Powered by PowerBullet®

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    I love it but... By Dani, Mar 15 2018
    I love it, but it broke twice in the first year. And I returned it both times in the store without hassle and now it broke again and no one told me I have to sign up for the 10 year warranty online. So this time I'm stuck with a broken toy, that was very very expensive, because it's over one year old. And all 3 times a different part didn't work. First time it got water inside and the toy stopped responding to pushing the buttons. Second time then rotation part broke. And now the vibration stopped in the clitoral stimulation part and it shuts completley off on its own although it is charged.
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    in search of an unforgettable experience ? By everywoman, Jun 13 2012
    WOW. Your entire BODY & SOUL will thank you. This is the best in the world (not sold in north america!). It is so smooth and intense in all the right areas and is easy to power at the touch of a button. The speeds of both the rotating vibrating shaft & the clitoral vibrator are controlled by separate buttons and pressing and holding them will gradually increase your pleasure. Very comfortable/easy to use. Travel lock is good to take it anywhere (great for backpacking) and very quiet. It's very flexible and very soft just like the real thing :) If your single, look no more! If your married, be more MERRY!!!! Yes every woman should have one. If you feel turned off or don't have an interest in such an experience this will teach and exercise your muscles and sensitivity to learn how to scream. To learn how to be pleased in ways you can't imagine. YOU'RE worth the investment, and it will exceed your expectations... and if you are travelling through North America, sharing is caring take an extra to give away!!!!!!!!!! Be blessed to be a blessing, everywoman
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    I love this  By Amanda Hordell, Jan 16 2012
    What can I say, after I used this lovely toy I was left in a heap feeling fulfilled. My husband found great pleasure in using this toy to please me. One of the best presents he has brought me.
  • Q: Question about "Adore Power": Can it be used in the shower? Can you use the stand to hold upright to sit on or is there and extra part to purchase?
    A: The item is only water resistant not waterproof. Do not submerge. No, you are not able to use the stand to hold the toy upright while using it. This is a charging cradle ONLY!! No, we do not sell any kind of attachments to use the toy that way.