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  • See Swan at ADC 2016 in Shanghai!
    Published on Apr 21, 2016

    This past weekend, Swan was on hand at the ADC Expo in Shanghai, China showing its new lineup. View the gallery at the link below to see pictures from the event.

  • Swan Road Show 2015
    Published on Sep 28, 2015

    As part of a marketing initiative to educate potential and current Swan customers in the Chinese market, representatives from the Swan Collection have been on the road the past few weeks.

    From Northern China to Southern China, Swan is flourishing in the region that loves a great brand with great marketing. Simply put, China loves Swan and the sales prove it.

    Retailers love the brand so much that they are taking it upon themselves to market the brand so aggressively in their stores that it looks like a Swan boutique. Representatives from the brand have been going around to halls and conference centres holding seminars for hundreds of employees to properly educate them about the brand.

    Swan began as a dream for Steve Bannister, creator and President of Swan. Before he introduced it to the world, there didn’t exist a product that featured 2 independently controlled motors enclosed in a 100% silicone finish. As unheard of as it was, working with the right manufacturers and the infrastructure that was already in place in China allowed him to turn this engineering feat into a reality.

    With an eye for design and a luxurious, sophisticated marketing approach propelled the brand into what it has become today – a worldwide success in nearly every continent around the globe.

    Published on Oct 16, 2014

    The Whooper Swan

    Three words to describe this product?

    Beautiful, Pink + Amazing.

    Did you use this product by yourself or with a partner?

    By myself, although I think its fairly ‘partner friendly’ – its pink, not too big and it looks more like a sculpture than an actual penis so he won’t get jealous. I fully intend on introducing it to my partner…as soon as I find one.

    Any chance you can you explain how you used it?

    The package was waiting for me when I got home from work. Thankfully it was packed very discreetly (I was worried it might come with the words ‘VIBRATOR INSIDE' written on the side of the box).

    The only thing that stopped me was the fact that it needs to be charged for a few hours before you can use it. Believe me, when you take this thing out of its box you’ll pretty much want to use it straight away.

    I decided to use it in the standard heterosexual single woman way (i.e. I put it inside my vagina). The best part about it is that it is super quiet, which is handy if you have flatmates.

    It gave me an orgasm in about 60 seconds, mostly thanks to the short vibrating clitoris stimulating part. I can't say it was the most amazing earth shattering orgasm ever – but I may have been overthinking it because I was making mental notes for this review.

    Like anything new, I need to try it a few more times before I get the hang of it.

    What did you think of the price? Was it worth the purchase?

    The Whooper Swan is about $190. Which is a pretty standard price for a good vibrator (believe me, you don’t want to be putting anything cheap that close to your privates).

    If it seems expensive, think of it this way, if you use this three times a week, it averages out at only $1 a turn in the first year, then after that its free. Lets face it; you are unlikely to find anything else that gets you off that cheaply.

    Rating: 4/5

    I’d give it a 4/5, although I am pretty sure that vibrator perfection can be found in one of the Whooper Swan’s 35 other ‘cousins’ – which all look like subtle variations on each other.

    The Whooper Swan is like some kind of beautiful vibrating sculpture. I am not sure why they decided to call it the Whooper Swan, because it’s not particular large, nor does it look like a swan.

    It has the standard ‘vagina part’ and ‘clitoris part’, which are pretty much universal vibrator features. The best part is that it is totally covered in seamless silicone, even the charging socket is almost invisible.


    • Beautiful, thoughtful design
    • Super quiet
    • Good vibration (the two parts can vibrate on different speeds)


    •  A choice of colours would be good
    • It charges by a USB cable – the other end is pretty specialised and designed only for this product. If you lost it or it broke you’d need to find a replacement. On the up side, you could potentially charge it with your laptop.






  • Silver Swan Review - 5/5 from
    Published on Feb 26, 2014

    What was your first impression of the item sent to you? - The look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform?
    The packaging looked very well designed and very elegant. I like the way the packaging was very simple and not too cluttered. The silky bag was very nice too. The product reminds me of the rabbit but this product has more curves. I liked the look of the clit stimulator. I loved the colour and how soft it felt, ive got others that felt sticky when you first take them out of the packaging but this one was like that at all. I like the size it wasn't too big or too small

    What was the item like in action?
    The packaging doesn't really say alot about the product which i thought was quite exciting as it made me want to take it out the box and see what it does. I thought it was quite quiet compared to other vibrators that i have used. The controls are pretty simple, you have one for the shaft part and one for the clit stimulator so these were very easy to use. The product is very soft and smooth. The product was easy to use, but the only problem we had was getting the clit stimulator in the right place.

    Did the item make you feel sexy?
    We used this product as a couple. I was very excited to use this product with my partner mainly to see if it held its own against my rabbit vib that i love alot. I was pleased that it not only held its own but also beat the rabbit hands down in the vibration stakes, I wasnt too sure on the rotation side due to the fact...
     [Continue Reading]

    What was your first impression of the item sent to you? - The look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform?
    This product looked impressive straight away! The packaging gives out an air of luxury. It comes in a high quality box containing a discreet users guide and a quality satin storage bag. The product itself had me extremely excited. Good quality silicone, smooth and well made and Big bonus, rechargeable!! My only concern as a self confessed size queen was the girth of this toy, it tapers towards the end and isn't the fatest of the 'rabbit' type toys I've used.

    What was the item like in action?
    Wow, wow, wow! This is a definite new favourite. Got the toy ready to use and was gutted when I read the 3 hour wait to charge. I have to confess I just couldn't cope with the anticipation. I charged for half an hour and risked it! This is extremely simple and intuitive to use, grip it harder and it becomes more intense, what could be simpler! I realised straight away that my size worries wer . unfounded as the shape was spot on and the clitoral vibrator also took over very quickly. It was so simple to get (and keep!) in the right place. This vibrator made me orgasm very quickly and intensely. I'm patiently now waiting the 3 hours to play more and find out about its stamina!! 

    Did the item make you feel sexy?
    Yes! It had a touch if luxury and oh God it did the job!! I loved how it responds to pressure, it takes away the concentration that can be needed with some toys... [Continue Reading]

    Full Review Here:


  • Beautiful Praise from an Amazing Customer
    Published on Dec 12, 2013

    We recently received this email from one of our satisfied customers. Before we address their questions, here is what was sent to us:

    "A couple of weeks ago I heard of an announcement that the [my favourite vibe from another company] was going to be discontinued. It made me think about the long-term use of my Swan vibrators, and reminded me that they will likely not be sold forever.

    My question is this: are there any plans in either the near or far future to discontinue either the Whooper, Silver, or Black Swans? I have found these three the most ergonomic and powerful and would hate to see them go any time soon.

    However should they be discontinued at some point, I would deeply appreciate any notifications so that I can make preparations and purchase several Swans.

    I had one other question regarding vibrator life: typically, what would the lifespan be of a Swan vibrator that is used two or three times a week, for anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes per time and always at the highest level? Five years? Ten? This would also be important to know. These are literally the only vibrators that I have been able to orgasm with, so I don't see many alternatives on the market. Thank you for your time and attention."

    For the purpose of her privacy, we'll call her Sally. Thank you Sally. Thank you so much for your beautiful words. We read each and every email that's sent to us, but this one really hit home. At Swan, we strive to produce a superior product. Everything we do, all the research and development we put into our products, the early mornings and late nights... that's for people like you. From the entire Swan team, we're very touched by your words.

    To answer your questions, we build all Swan products to be of incredible quality which is why we've backed them up with a 10-year guarantee. However, with any product involving power and moving parts, there is always the chance for malfunctions. We don't like to admit this, but perfect technology doesn't exist... yet (we're working on it). So for now, we've gone the extra mile and on top of the 1-year limited warrantee, we will let anyone buy another Swan at half price during their 10-years if something ever does go wrong*. Not many companies will do that for their customers. That's how much we believe in Swan.

    Thanks for being a customer Sally! For those looking to contact us, feel free to do so here.

    - The Swan Team

    * See restrictions.

  • Leaf Wins “Best Love Toy Design” at eroFame 2013
    Published on Oct 15, 2013

    BMS Factory returns home to Canada from another successful showing at eroFame 2013 with an award for its luxury brand Leaf which won for “Best Love Toy Design”. Since Leaf was introduced 2 years ago, it has garnered much attention. Predominantly this has been from Hollywood’s Alicia Silverstone as well as previous other awards in the adult industry for introducing a new inspiration for love toy design.

    The award comes just in time as BMS gears up to release the next evolution in its Leaf family of products, Leaf+. Leaf+ maintains the beautiful designs that Leaf was awarded for, but will embrace a whole new line of features never before seen in a luxury BMS product. Aside from a new royal purple finish, for the first time ever, Leaf+ will have 5 different vibration functions including an array of speeds and patterns.

    We’ve listened to what our customers want. Although we still love the Press & Hold incremental speed controls that Leaf features, we developed this new line to appeal to customers who instead prefer settings. We spent a lot of time figuring out which patterns were the best and most loved, and we’re very happy with the final product” said Steve Bannister, President of BMS.

    Leaf+ is set to launch in November of this year. A new website is in development for the line and will be launched in the coming weeks. For more information on BMS products, including Leaf+, please contact the BMS authorized distributor in your area.

  • Swan Featured in Britain’s #1 Women’s Magazine
    Published on Jul 25, 2013

    TORONTO, Canada, July 23, 2013 – Over the past year, the Swan Collection has been making a bigger splash than ever in the UK market and surrounding area.

    Recently winning another top award for Best Pleasure Product Range in Australia, Swan’s top place in the luxury vibrator market shows no sign changing anytime soon.

    In the August 2013 issue of Glamour UK, Britain’s #1 Women’s Magazine, noted author and guest columnist Kathy Lette enters a Soho sex shop to create an ‘erotic portfolio’ with one of the shop’s associates. Throughout the process, the shop associate enthusiastically pronounces that she loves the Swan Collection and it is her personal favourite for their signature curved, neck-like shaft design.

    Most recently, Swan was also featured in other publications such as the April 2013 issues of UK magazines Love It! as well as Diva Scribe, and was a sponsor and exhibitor for UK’s Eroticon. This industry event specifically for sex and adult bloggers brings the country’s top web authors and reviewers together in a workshop environment to learn about new products and trends.

    For more information on the Swan Collection, visit For wholesale enquiries, please locate your local distributor at

  • Swan Wins Top Award & Debuts New Leaf+ at AdultEx
    Published on May 2, 2013

    TORONTO, Canada, April 30, 2013 – This past weekend from April 26th through 28th, BMS Factory displayed one of its most exciting and diverse product selections in years at AdultEx 2013 in Queensland, Australia, and returned home with a top honour award for Swan.

    As a regular and popular attraction at the show, BMS Factory hosted a beautiful booth with the new and improved, award-winning Swan collection; more specifically, what is affectionately known as, ‘the new Royal family’. Inspired by the core shape and functionality of the best-selling Royal Swan, the new KissingBlossom and Love Swans all introduce sensational new clitoral stimulators, each offering a different sensation.

    Furthermore, Swan was presented with one of the highest awards of the year, the “2013 Best Pleasure Product Range”BMS is happy to share this award with Jopen who markets the same range under the Vanity brand in select markets.

    Also on display was the brand new Ultimate Personal Shaver by SwanBMS Factory’s previous version of the Ultimate Personal Shaver provided a smooth, clean finish using different shaving tools. The new version, releasing this year, has been completely rethought and redesigned to offer everything needed in one simple-to-use kit. The Ultimate Personal Shaver by Swan is offered in either white/pink or black/grey with attachments customized to either a woman or a man, although each can be used by both.

    As a highly-anticipated new addition this year, BMS was proud to unveil its new Leaf+ Collection for the very first time in Australia. Finished in a beautiful new vibrant purple and with added features, Leaf+ was an instant hit at the show. Building on the 4 most popular-selling Leaf designs; VitalityLifeBloom and Fresh, each Leaf+ has 5 very pleasurable sensations with 3 vibration intensities and 2 functions powered by PowerBullet™. Combined with the newly introduced USB cord system for simple, anywhere-charging, Leaf+ is already turning heads. Due to appropriately arrive in early fall 2013, Leaf+ will be released just as the leaves begin to change.

    Stay up to date with all BMS products and news as information becomes available by visiting