The Princess Swan [SKU: 3-20316-EU]
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This romantic vibrator has so much more to offer than simple beauty. With two extremely powerful vibrations and a slightly flexible contoured neck, the Swan Princess is shaped in a way to best fit the female form. The smooth and wavy body provides a blissful experience with an array of pleasurable sensations you won’t soon forget.

Product Specifications

Details: Waterproof, Travel-Ready, Phthalate-free
Dimensions: 16.4 cm x 4 cm (bottom) x 2.3 cm (small tip) x 3.2 cm (large tip)
Finish: 100% Seamless Silicone
Run Time: Up to 14 Hours
Charge Time: 6 Hours
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Pleasure Technology: 2 Separately Controlled Vibrations Powered by PowerBullet®

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    Great orgasms tho already getting noisy? By EB, May 16 2013
    I have bought this product about a week ago and have used it for approximately an hour/hour and a half in total. The Swan Princess has already taken me to high levels and I am very happy to have bought this piece of pleasure. I however think I may have a piece that is broken... because when I feel the top of the product with my fingers, the silicone seems to lie a bit loose around the motor. I think this is the reason why it makes a rather loud buzzy sound when i put it on a higher rpm. Question for the Swan Team; could I have bought one with a manufacturing defect? (when I used it the first time, it didn't make a sound this loud). I think I will go back to the store to ask this as well, just to have those (omg intense) orgasms a bit more private.. :) Response from the Swan Team: I am sorry you're having an issue with your new Swan Princess! This doesn't sound like normal operating sounds. Please send us a message so that we can speak with you further and try to fix this problem. Send us a message at:
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     By anonimus, Oct 22 2011
    Oh, yeee!
  • Q: Question about "The Princess Swan": Is the clit tickler portion flexible at all or is stiffly in position? Can it be moved a bit away from the main stem/body of the vibrator? I wasn't sure what the neck flexibility referred to.
    A: The clitoral tickler is slightly flexible.
  • Q: Hello, How I recharge the vibrator? Regards Peter Brown
    A: An adapter is plugged in directly to a charger port on the back of the Swan device. Please see the diagram within the images on the product page for an exact location.